Common Cruise Misconceptions

Did you ever consider cruises to be dull, expensive, or inappropriate for solo travelers? How recently have you taken a cruise? Was it decades ago with your entire family? If you’re still clinging to memories of swimming with your siblings, it’s time to take an adventurous ride on a cruise. Over the last five years, cruises have been the tourism industry’s strongest growth. Cruising has become more popular among couples and adult travelers because of its exceptional occupancy rates, improved ride experience, and modern ships.

The myths and stories surrounding cruise traveling are widely known. The oldest misconception is that cruises are only for newlywed couples or retired people. Many people think that cruises are overly expensive, crowded or noisy, and too compact. Cruising today is far from that. We need to dispel some prevalent myths regarding cruising as they now provide us with an excellent way to travel overseas. Here are the four most common cruise misconceptions that deter many prospective passengers from stepping onto a ship and enjoying a memorable voyage.

1. The Cost Of Taking A Cruise Can Be High

When looking for a cheap and budget-friendly vacation, cruising is tough to beat. A cruise is significantly less expensive than a similar hotel stay if you factor in all the costs associated with food, entertainment, and lodging. You will not find a better place than an ocean cruise to enjoy all meals and entertainment included in a package like this. Comparable hotel accommodations for seven nights cost roughly 35% more than a weeklong cruise.

2. There Is No Safe Way To Cruise In A World With Covid-19

Since many people share cruise ships, this could be a matter of discussion because a slightly increased risk of germ transmission is present there. On the other hand, cruise ships put the safety and well-being of their passengers first and follow all health and safety procedures. Today, a cruise ship is equipped with modern HVAC systems, providing the interior spaces with 100% pure, filtered air. While sailing, areas that receive a lot of foot traffic and have a high level of touch are sanitized every two hours.

3. Unlike On Land, There Is No Wi-Fi On A Cruise, Making You Cut Off From The World

What if I get digitally disconnected from the world? It is another common cruise myth for novice cruisers. You won’t have to stress about internet access since most cruise ships provide it onboard. The cruise industry is aware of the popularity of social media, and many people want to stay connected digitally. Thus, internet connectivity is typically accessible. Wouldn’t taking a break from the hectic schedule and packed life be worthwhile? Well, it’s quite beneficial to switch off occasionally and enjoy your time and investment on the cruise.

4. A Cruise Ship Cabin Is Small And Cramped

Last but not least, the size of the ship can limit activities and be claustrophobic. Without having actually been on a cruise, it can be extremely difficult to overcome the misconceptions about cruising. Do not forget that you are embarking on a ship, not a clumsy tiny boat. So, they are similar to small towns or a group of floating resorts. Even now, finding a place to sit and relax is not too difficult. You will never feel like you’re being choked.